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Tamara & Gulbert

On October 6, 2017, the marriage union  long-awaited has happened .
Our cheerful, positive and optimistic couple from Switzerland - Tamara and Gulbert.
They also have met through our marriage agency. The similarity of characters, intuition, understanding each other at once is what helped them to unite their fates. But this is not as simple as it seems.
Tamara for us is a great example of a smart, strong, cheerful, active and energetic Russian woman.
Not knowing well foreign languages, she was able to very quickly enter a new life and culture, made a lot of efforts so that her husband became interested in Russia (her history, traditions), accepted and understood the Russian mentality of her wife. Indeed, in a relationship compromises, mutual understanding and a desire to understand another are very important.

Gilbert is one of a worthy example of a man who proved that he is not afraid of any barriers and changes in his life, that life is full of adventures and mistery and Love should work and continue as long as possible. 
Different languages, mentality, years of life in past in different countries - everything could become an obstacle for success union.

However, the desire to change their new lovely lives and create a new family helped them overcome all the difficulties (everyone has a marriage , having own children behind them ).

 Your happy photos give an example, hope and wishes to many other lonely people who are still only on the way to finding their soul mate. We wish Tamara and Gilbert a happy, exciting life together and joyful sunny days!

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