Slavic Women. The difference between Russian and Ukrainian brides.

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A lot of men are interested in marrying a Slavic woman because they are looking for a woman who is beautiful, family-oriented, and feminine. Slavic brides are known for their beauty beyond the measure of words, excellent style. Yet, the hottest Slavic women are not only pleasant to look at; they will do everything to build a strong family. Slavic women for marriage are famous for their belief in the institution of the family and putting their families above all. 

Usually, when the one thinks about beautiful Slavic women they think about Russian and Ukrainian girls. If you are interested in finding a Slavic wife, you might have been wondering if there is a difference between Russian and Ukrainian women?  The answer is yes. Even though Russians and Ukrainians are very similar, they still are different in several ways.

Geographical differences

Ukraine is located in Europe, and Ukrainians tend to be closer to European culture. Ukraine’s proximity to Poland, Hungary and other European countries allows Ukrainian brides to be historically more connected to European culture.
Russia is the biggest country in the world, and it is located in Europe and Asia. Russian enormous territory connects multiple cultures, traditions, and customs. Russian brides united in them the best from European and Asian cultures.

Ties to home

Ukrainian brides tend to have fewer links with their country. This allows Ukrainian beauties to be more mobile. It makes the whole process of moving and adjusting to a new culture easier. Overall, Ukrainian girls are quite independent. They are risk-takers, and not scared of drastic changes.
Russian brides usually have very strong ties with their country. Russian beauties usually take longer to make such a big decision as moving and starting over their lives. Russian women tend to be more risk-averse than Ukrainian women.  Russian girls take extra precautions before moving to another country. They need to be confident that the move will bring them prosperity, and the relationship of their dreams.


As noted before, Ukrainian culture is closer to the European culture. Like most Europeans, Ukrainians are accustomed to individualism. Ukrainian females are more focused on their personal growth, development, etc.
Russian culture is collectivistic. Russian beauties emphasize the needs and goals of the group as a whole. Russian brides deeply care about their relationships with other members of society. Relationships they build are usually stable, strong, and long-lasting.  


Ukrainian single girls are usually more opened and talkative than Russians. They tend to share more about their lives, feelings, etc. Ukrainians are not shy, and openly say what they want. Ukrainian female brides also tend to be more demanding. They often expect a man to give them all they want, provide far beyond bare necessities.
Russian single women are usually more closed and serious. It takes time for Russian women to open up and share what’s on their minds. Yet, once they feel comfortable with their partner, they will be the most honest companions. Russian brides also tend to be not as demanding as Ukrainians.
Hope the differences we explained in the article helped you to learn a little more about Ukrainian and Russian single beauties. Slavic dating is unlike any other dating, and with us, you can find the perfect Slavic woman just for you. 

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