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Tips for Men (Part 1)

Dear Men! In this section, you will find answers to very important and frequently asked questions. We answered each of the questions relying on our multiple years of experience of matchmaking Russian women and men from around the globe in our international marriage agency Russian Beauty.

These recommendations will help you at every stage of dating by saving time and shortening the path to your goal. If you have not found an answer to a specific question, please contact us in any convenient way. We will provide information for you personally.


1. How to act on a first date with a Russian girl?

2. Do you need to tell a Russian girl that you have several dates planned during your stay in Saint Petersburg?

3. Is it necessary to bring flowers on a date with a Russian girl?

4. How to save a relationship with a Russian girl that you like?

5. Important issue: financial support and economic priorities. Does a foreign man need to give presents to a Russian girl or help financially during the development of a relationship?

6. When does a man help financially and support his Russian girlfriend? How should he participate in improving her quality of life, for example, learning a new foreign language, preparing for the move, etc.?
Please read this section carefully. If you have any questions or wishes, it will be our pleasure to assist you.

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Russian Brides

Dear men! Of course, these topics are very important because they raise questions that you might not have thought about before.

But thanks to the experience of our employees of the Russian Marriage Agency in St. Petersburg, we got to combine and analyze many dates and acquaintances of non-Russian men with our Russian brides. Answering all questions, we took into consideration the culture of our Russian single ladies, their local traditions, and education. We created a list of commonly asked questions important and answered to each of them in a great detail. Hopefully, you will enjoy this article, and find it useful!

We are confident that by getting acquainted with these tips you will be much more prepared to meet our Russian women. This article will prepare you for dates at every stage in search of a Russian bride, and as a result will ease the transition of meeting a single Russian girl, starting to date her, and eventually marrying her.

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How to Act on a First Date

A man who is the first-time member of our Russian marriage agency Russian Beauty usually goes on several dates with Russian beauties from our marriage agency while on a trip. Throughout the process, we will help you to achieve an excellent result, and find a Russian girlfriend.

How should you act on the first date?  You should be sincere and natural, just be as you are in regular life. We recommend the same to the Russian girls of our marriage agency Russian Beauty.

Openness, sincerity, and honesty will help you both understand quickly whether you are a good fit for each other or not.

The first impression is visual: you look at your date, and she looks at you. Therefore, physical, aesthetic, and external impressions often play a major role on the first date. You have to be in a good mood and not be very worried. If you tend to get very nervous during a date, we got you covered! One of the employees of the Russian marriage agency Russian Beauty will assist you in maintaining communication, reducing anxiety, and opening up.

Recommendation: if you would like to meet a girl one on one but not sure if you can handle the internal tension, share with your date that you are a little nervous (it is normal to be nervous when meeting a new person!). Sometimes nervousness can be perceived as a sign of not being attracted or interested in the other party.  By sharing your feelings, you will ease communication and show that you are interested in the woman. There is a high chance that the woman feels exactly the same! In this scenario, your initiative and sincerity will ease her anxiety as well!
It is important to arrive on your first date with a Russian girl in good mood and with a great attitude.

Even if you don’t like your date from the first sight, find a way to talk to her for an hour, try to get to know her personality. Very often a man falls in love with a Russian woman after getting to know her. Russian girls are always well-dressed, elegant, but nervousness on a first date can make it difficult to express themselves and show their true personalities.
What topics should you discuss on your first date with a Russian woman? If your Russian date already knows a little about you and you are familiar with her, of course, you will have more common grounds for discussion and will be able to hit it off right away.

If you do not know much about your date, you could start off by talking about your trip to St. Petersburg, your first impression of the city. It’s common to talk about your home country, hobbies, interests, etc.

Most importantly make sure to discuss your family, work, and (this is very important) your motivation to find a Russian wife.  This brings confidence to a woman that you have serious intentions, and truly are interested in getting married to a Russian woman. If you feel that the woman is not right for you, you can just discuss neutral topics, and save other topics for your next date. To ensure your full satisfaction in search, we recommend you schedule several dates with women from our Russian marriage agency Russian Beauty.

Dates with Russian Girls

Is it necessary to tell the Russian girl that you will have several dates during your stay in St Petersburg?

We recommend to keep the subject confidential and to avoid discussing it. Let us call it diplomatic silence.  Russian women are well aware that you have flown in, spent time and money, not just for one date, but every girl wants to feel unique.

Russian nature is sensual and most likely it will not be pleasant for your date to know that there are other competitors.  Afterward, you can share all about the trip with the Russian woman you choose to marry but sometimes it is better to keep these memories just to yourself.

Giving Gifts to Russian Women

Do you have to go on a date with a Russian woman with a bouquet of flowers?

This question is very personal and depends on your romantic mood.

According to Russian tradition, a man usually brings flowers to his lady on the first date, and of course, it makes a woman really happy.

Europe has its own culture, and we suggest finding a balance between Russian and European traditions. Maybe you can prepare for your first date with a Russian woman not a huge bouquet, but a beautiful flower. If you are not very romantic by nature and do not wish to overcome yourself - choose other signs of attention (you will read more about this below).
Believe our experience, it is very important to acknowledge a woman on the first date, because she organizes her day to fit in a meeting with you, prepares for the date. Our Russian brides take preparations seriously and may spend a couple of hours just on getting ready to be noticed by you.

The attention of a man certainly matters. What do we mean?  You do not have to purchase an expensive bouquet, a rose as a sign of attention will do its work, and warm up a woman.
If you don’t like giving flowers, especially if you don’t know a Russian woman yet, we recommend the following gift ideas:

- souvenir from your country. She will smile and be pleased: Russian women are very romantic and such a sign of attention will be memorable.
- chocolate with the symbol of your country or your city. Most women love chocolate, and out Russian Brides are not an exception.
- book, small decoration, painting, jewelry, or any souvenir of your preference will make your date happy and will not be considered by either party as a serious gesture.

If you go with the Russian woman of your choice on the 2nd and 3rd dates, a beautiful bouquet of flowers or her favorite perfume or anything else that shows your care for her is very welcome. You don’t have to do that on the first date. You can just invite a woman to a restaurant with a beautiful view, a boat ride on rivers and canals, to a theater, for a walk in a park or one of the suburbs of St. Petersburg, etc.
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Going out with Russian Brides

Is it necessary to invite a Russian girl to a restaurant on the first date?

Generally speaking – it is up to you!  Sometimes Russian women can suggest you two to meet on for your first date before work or during lunch (if she is very busy).  She can ask you to order, for example, a cup of coffee or tea, perhaps dessert, juice, or a glass of wine.

The second date usually takes place with the Russian woman of your choice in a restaurant or cafe.

If a Russian woman proposes to meet after work, she might be tired after a long day, exhausted after sitting in the hectic traffic of the big city; she might be a little hungry. The best would be to ask her in person about this, thereby showing your attention and care.

We usually arrange meetings in the city center in quiet and cozy places, for example in cafés with light cuisine and moderate prices.

If you decide to invite the lady to a restaurant, please let us know, and we will reserve a table in advance in a specific place, with the cuisine of your choice.

If you invite a Russian lady to coffee, beverages, juices on the first date, as well as on to dinner in a restaurant (if you have invited a Russian woman there) the bill should be fully paid by the man. Such traditions have been long established in Russia, and such acts of chivalry are expected and considered normal.
Perhaps a Russian girl who moves abroad, can change her mentality and become used to other customs. But it all comes with time and depends on budgeting decisions between a man and his Russian wife.  While meeting each other for the first, a Russian girl sees in you a guest who has come to Russia to meet face to face and expects you to follow Russian customs and traditions.

The girls from our Russian marriage agency are well-educated, well-mannered, and self-sufficient. They won’t order expensive dishes or rare wines, expecting you to pay for the delicacies. They have other goals, they intend to find the right man to marry, change their lives, and possibly move to another country. They are looking for a foreigner, who has similar interests, lifestyles, and plans for the future.

If the date ends late...

If your Russian sweetheart came on a date after work, and you spent a lovely evening with her and the conversation lasted past 9 pm, it is considered an act of chivalry to book a taxi for his Russian date. A Russian woman will deeply appreciate it and think highly of you.

St. Petersburg is a metropolis which means that transportation can be stressful, as well as it might be scary for a woman to travel home alone late at night. Please take care of a woman and order her a taxi. Don’t worry about the cost of a taxi, taxi rates in St. Petersburg are not as high as in many European cities.

Long Distance Relationship

russian english couple
This is a very important issue, so we would like to discuss it in great detail.

So, your vacation and your beautiful romantic getaway are over. It is necessary to come back home to continue with a daily routine such as work etc.  Meanwhile, a Russian girl who you liked continues with her life in Saint Petersburg, and you should stay in contact with her, so you do not lose touch with each other. It means:  from one side not to be too intrusive because life in the megalopolis and in Russia is not easy. In general, everyday life in Saint Petersburg (and in other cities) is more difficult than in Europe.

Women usually have a lot of responsibilities such as working long hours, raising a child, taking care of elderly parents; this all takes a toll on our Russian beauties and makes their days very busy.

You went home and want to maintain a warm and lovely relationship with your favorite russian girl.

Our recommendations are:

1. Write at least one message a day. If your Russian girlfriend answers quickly and often - keep the conversation private and direct in the mode that will be comfortable for both of you.

2. Arrange a video call with your girlfriend.
What men do succeed? Men who do best are usually patient, understanding of the workload of the complicated life of the Russian girl, wise, honest, sincere, and, of course, generous (we will discuss this separately).

3. Pay attention to your Russian woman during your communication process. Find opportunities and time for the second, third meetings.  And when you are ready to propose to her, help her moving from Russia to your country and adapting to a new culture. 

4. We can assist you with any questions and not only at the initial stage of getting to know Russian brides, but also in the future. This is also a very important stage. To create, maintain, and strengthen a strong international union with your Russian woman, to achieve the dream of being and living together, loving and being loved, and just being happy.

We hope that you found this article helpful, and it answered some of your questions. If you have any additional questions, please Contact Us.

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