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Tips for Men (Part 2)

Financial support

If you want to invite your Russian bride to your country to show her your life, home, habits, energy at home, your city, suburb, village, or region, she will be excited to meet your close friends, family, and get to see you around your loved ones.

All travel expenses of the Russian woman traveling to your country (visa, ticket, taxi, other travel expenses) are paid fully by the man. This is another indicator of attention, care, and desire to build a serious and lasting relationship with her.

In addition, there is an income gap between Russia and Europe, a woman can not always afford to travel abroad. Economic stability is also very important for women, and she needs to be confident in her future husband.

If a Russian girl changes her life completely by moving to another country - she leaves her job, her usual way of life, and connections, she will need extra attention and care from her beloved husband. As it is said, «transporting a flower into another pot make sure to take extra care of the flower so the flower flourishes even more».

If the Russian woman you choose has a child or several kids from her previous relationship, then it is a double responsibility. The head of the family, the husband, needs to make sure that the children and the wife feel welcomed and safe in the new environment.

If a Russian woman is between 45 and 55 years old and her children are all grown up and independent, she has more time to devote to you. It will be easier for her to start a new life.
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Russian Girls' Adaptation to New Life

1. A man needs to help his Russian wife to assimilate to a new home, and there is no better way than help her with learning the language. The man should sign up his Russian wife for foreign language courses. This is extremely important because your wife will feel at home when she understands what people discuss around her, and when she can freely communicate with you, your relatives, and friends. This will also allow her to find a job in the future and help you both succeed financially. It is important to note, that Russian women are intellectually developed and constantly looking for ways of self-development, and learning a new foreign language is one of them.

2. A man usually will need to fully support his Russian wife for the first 1-2 years. This may include expenses for clothes, food, utilities. If you marry a Russian woman who has a child from her previous marriage, please budget for her and her child.

3. There also may be other minor expenses for a future Russian wife such as transport, beauty procedures, medical services.

4. Russian women often help their elderly parents because their pensions are small. If you both agree it would be nice to help her elderly parents because at times your Russian wife’s salary was keeping them afloat.  A strong relationship between a Russian woman and her family or parents is important. A Russian woman would like to visit her family once or twice a year, as well as talk to them online. All these important questions should be discussed with your partner prior to marriage to ensure there is no miscommunication or misunderstanding.

5. It is important to make sure that your Russian wife does not feel lonely in a new setting. She can find a lot of things very stressful: new language, people, customs, mentalities, cultures, even meals, and so on. You will be her only friend, support system, and the only person she will know in your country.

6. If you would like your Russian woman to work and make money, it is important to help her assimilate into society, and get additional education. You can help her enroll in skill development courses, trainings, university classes, and many others. This will ease the process of her finding a job.

7. Experience shows that when a Russian woman lives in Europe or the US for 4-5 years, she is fully assimilated into a new culture. By this time, she usually has got a lot of new skills, knowledge, experience, and is fully adapted. She can become a good assistant in business and a good financial partner. She can start supporting herself while contributing to the income of the family.
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