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Olga & Emmanuel

Dear Olga and Emmanuel, finally you are together!

On January 28, 2023, our couple, Olga and Emmanuelle, sealed their hearts by signing a document at the Marriage Hall of France.

 Emmanuel met Olga in our marriage agency back in November 2018. They had a long communication before that, and Olga felt Emmanuel's care and attention, his kind and noble heart in the letters. And over the years, she was convinced many times more that Emmanuel, without any doubt, justified her trust. It was to this man, five years later, that she gave her heart, agreeing to become his wife.

Why didn't they form an alliance for so long? Olga studied at the universities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, gaining new knowledge in the field of psychology. She also completed distance learning as an international interpreter and received an Oxford Diploma in Teaching English.

In addition to this, Olga was trained in energy practices (tantra, yoga). And, finally, Olga was fully ready for cardinal changes and prepared for a new life, she decided to move to live in France.

 Emmanuel waited very patiently, was always by her side, supported and helped as best he could. He behaved like a real knight, a romantic person and a man who keeps his word.

The wedding ceremony took place in the city of Plaisir in the Ile de France region. The inhabitants of this town are called "plezirs", and the town is famous for its parks, quiet streets and streams. All this is just an hour from Paris.

Dear Olga and Emmanuel, please accept our congratulations! Big respect - respect to Emmanuel! A noble and caring man, he proved his love to Olga, did not go astray. This is a great example for other men to follow, how to win the heart of a girl.

We wish you a long and happy life, cheerful and healthy children, happiness in your hearts and good hopes! Join us image arrow
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