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Lyana & Laurent

Lyon, France
Every story of creating international family is an unfinished novel.
I will describe one more lovely unforgettable story in our work to our visitors. This is lovely couple of Lyana and Laurent, who entered into marriage in our beautiful city, St. PETERSBURG, in January 17,2014.
Before meeting with Laurent, our member of agency, Lyana didn't have experience in any meetings with foreigners and didn't even visit Europe.

As for me, Lyana is a great example of a strong and beautiful woman, who had chosen right way to find and raise a happy family with a Frenchman.She has already begun learning English, but she didn't know French at all. Communication of this couple has lasted for three years.

On the eve of the Laurent's birthday the wedding took place in one of the most beautiful registry offices of our town. I remember this day, I was invited to their wedding: it was very cold in St.Petersburg. There were January frosts, but the atmosphere of the holiday, the happy eyes of the bride and groom, the smiles on the faces of friends and relatives warmed us.
Now when I started writing " success stories" , I suddenly realized how much you can tell about every girl who decided to change her life for the sake of a loved one.
Lyana and Laurent live in Bourgoin- Jallieu near Lyon.

They are together for 6 years, raising the beautiful son Alexis, who is already six years old.Alexis is very talented boy, I can write a lot about him, since Lyana shoots her son in the video and sends us. It is very pleasant to watch the life of happy couples. When you see the result of your work, it gives you strength and confidence that we do everything right and we help lonely people to find their love.

Dear Lyana, Laurent and little Alexis, we hope to see you again in St.Petersburg. We know that you both really love our city in which you met your love. I hope your son will also like our city and people who live here. We wish this family happy endless love, health, joy and adventures!

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