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Katya & Tony

France, Paris
Katya and Tony had their wedding ceremony on the 13th of July 2013 in Paris.
But they got acquainted two years earlier in Saint-Petersburg  on the 13th of July 2011 in our marriage agency . Today this couple is bringing up two daughters, they happily live in Paris and travel around the world, we can follow their joint life via their photos, as it’s much more interesting to discover new countries together. Let me tell you this story in details.

When Tony came to Saint-Petersburg in July I started getting acquainted Tony with girls which he had chosen form our website, but none made Tony heart  beat. Tony didn’t fall in love with any girl. That  is likely to happen. On the last day of his stay Tony told me: “Alexandra, I didn’t find my love these days, but  I’ll come again to this beautiful city and today I’m going to visit Peterhof.
I persuaded Tony to meet one more girl that day. I have convinced him : “Please wait Tony, there is one girl, you haven’t chosen her on our website, but my intuition tells me that it’s your destiny, please meet with her right now, as for Peterhof  you can visit it later.”

Tony was a young, educated man, having a well-paid job in Paris. A day before Tony’s departure I organized one more meeting with Katya.

I called Katya when she had taken her exam at the University, she arrived  soon after the exam and met with Tony. It was love from the first sight, Tony and Katya found each other, that seldom happens. My role was over. It’s a pleasure to write about them. This young couple is living in Paris and  bringing up two daughters. They travel a lot, whenever possible, around the world, discovering new countries and culture together. And it's so nice to watch them travel.

One day Katya told me: “My husband is my friend, my brother and my father and when I found  myself in a foreign country I adapted quickly to a new life, culture and fell in love with France thanks to him”.
We wish you love, we wish you and your children health, happy family life, many discoveries and adventures.
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