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Diana & Zouhair

France, OCER
We are glad to inform you about our new happy couple who lives today in France, in Burgundy, one of the most beautiful areas, including as a wine region.

Dina and  Zouhair met in our marriage agency. A young and smart beauty from St. Petersburg, Diana, today lives in France with her 14-year-old daughter, having left her native St. Petersburg, they very quickly adapt and master a new culture and their favorite region of Burgundy.

On December 22,  2020, Dina and  Zouhair formalized their marriage in France in the city of  Saint Georges .

The couple lives in Burgundy, the city of OCER, Auxerre,  Zouhair is a pharmacist by profession, Dina is a  professional psychologist. Dina spoke  fluent English and German, and today she speaks French. They are loved and happy.

We especially remember this couple, because they entered into their official marriage during Covid, when the whole world was suddenly isolated, and great respect for them, especially  Zouhair who continued to look for ways to resolve the problem and get married as soon as possible in France.

Can we imagine how many documents had to be collected in order for all our Russian and French state bodies to approve the marriage.

Diana advises all girls today who want to quickly get married to a foreigner, and also conducts professional online consultations on the topic, adaptation for living in new country , a smooth transition to a new stage of life, the culture and characteristics of a new country and other topics in order to maintain a wonderful state of mind and good health.  Join us image arrow
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