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Anna & Patrick

Dear friends !
We are happy to share good news with you! In this difficult time for all of us, despite the global epidemic and the closure of borders, our beautifl couple  Anna and Patrick got married. They sincerely love and respect each other.

The ceremony took place during quarantine. This couple had to go through a lot of obstacles, nothing could stop them, because Anna and Patrick had been waiting for this day for too long. So it's true, love is stronger than anything.

Their wedding took place on October 21, 2020 in the province of La Grande Fosse (Alsace). The love story of Anna and Patrick will not leave anyone indifferent. From the very beginning, this beautiful couple was united by a common interest. They love nature, animals, travel and an active lifestyle. 

In October 2023, Anna presented  Patrick a beautiful daughter, and now there are three in their family. Patrick and Anna are very happy! 

Anna has been living in France for a long time. She spoke about this wonderful country on her Instagram page @anna.mountain.fairy
Thanks to his magnificent photos and videos, as well as his fascinating reports, we made exciting trips around France.

Anna loves to draw, paints portraits of animals. In addition, she writes books. Anna wrote a partially autobiographical novel.
The Alsace region where our couple lives is one of the most beautiful in France. It has a rich history and traditions, and is also famous for its original architecture, national cuisine and delicious wines.
Our couple's second home is in Switzerland, surrounded by mountains, snow and alpine meadows. Of course we'll go there for Anna and Patrick.

We wish only happiness and love to our most romantic couple! You deserve to be happy together.

Do you believe that love always wins? The love story of Anna and Patrick is the best illustration of this. Join us image arrow
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