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Anna & Frederic

Dear friends, I hasten to please you with another pleasant event, let's congratulate our new couple from Switzerland with the legal marriage of Anna and Frederick.

On January 28, 2023, a wedding took place in the city of Cully, Switzerland, this is another great event and an excellent result of our work as a marriage agency, lonely hearts bring each other together and we help them with all our hearts.

An incredibly beautiful couple, who developed their relationship so harmoniously, entered into a marriage union and united their hearts in Switzerland.

Anna and Frederick met in July 2021 in St. Petersburg, relations developed very actively, our couple traveled a lot, but due to the difficulties that arose in the world and in our country, it was impossible to quickly get married. Patience and desire to reach the achieved goal helped our couple only strengthen their feelings.

The couple lives in the city of Vevey, the center of the Swiss Riviera, on the shores of Lake Geneva, as well as surrounded by wine regions. In the city of Cully, our couple came to congratulate thir close family, relatives and friends.

 I have great respect for this couple, Anna and Frederic complement each other with their refined intelligence, modesty, respect for people and for each other, they fill each other with a baggage of cultural values and hobbies. Anna and Frederic managed to discover some countries while traveling together, and there is an endless road ahead for new discoveries and hobbies. Anna is a designer by profession, Frederic is a doctor pediatrician.

Dear Anna and Frederic, our congratulations! May your happiness overflow with an endless ocean, and the family hearth flare up with the flame of love, brighter every year! Let every morning start with a smile, and let the evening end with gentle words of love and warmth! We sincerely congratulate you and wish you to keep your warm feelings for life, discovering new expanses of the Universe together. Join us image arrow
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