Irina & Enrico

Italy, Bergamo
Here is our  lovely couple from Italy. Irina and Enrico sealed their relationship by legal marriage in September 2016.
They now live in the city of Bergamo, Lombardy region in northwestern Italy. This city is located near Milan. Bergamo is associated with such concepts as the aroma of bergamot and the character of the Italian comedy del arte - Harlequin (the famous Truffaldino from Bergamo).
Irina moved to Italy with her 13 year old son. Her son is fond of playing the guitar, and recently became interested in woodcarving. Enrico is a military doctor by profession, has a private practice. They live in a large house with a garden, Irina is engaged in housekeeping.
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We wish you happiness and love, wonderful, sunny days, success and fulfillment of all dreams!
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