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E-mail: agencyspb@gmail.comagencyspb@rambler.ru

Phone: + 7 905 255 08 59

Adress: Russia, Saint Petersburg192102,  Moskovskiy prospect 159-12 A

Join us for a to beautiful Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The future is never so clear to us as the past, in its turn, never has such power over us as the present has.

Nikolay Dobrolubov

Dates: Janiary  to February


  • First day :  Get acquainted with a city, Time, 6 PM.
  • Second Day : having a city tour during the day, dinner in the evening.
  • third Day : having lunch arranged with a woman of your choice. Ballet or other cultural event in the evening.
  •  fourth Day : a free day to make arrangements for additional meetings.

The schedule is approximate and may change.The total cost will include the fee for the host and all social events + dinner, party, cultural events, tours of city. These costs will be determined and publicized as soon as we good costs from restaurants, clubs and tour guides.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

In the nearest future, we will be send the name of the main hotel. Please, let us know if you need any help with travel arrangement! Please, contact us or our American partner Brian Gimmillaro , USA, California b4most@gmail.com