What to chose: dating websites or marriage agencies?

What is the difference between dating websites and marriage agencies?

Why marriage agencies are better than dating sites?

In a world filled with technology, the internet, and social media it has become more difficult to find a significant other. While technology brings us more connectivity it also divides us by creating extra distraction and the illusion of not being alone. Trying to connect with each other, people start using dating sites because “classical methods” of meeting someone through friends, at work, bar, or an event do not work for them. However, after registering at dating sites many feel discouraged because people, they meet there do not have serious intentions and are not ready to start a family. When one is interested in finding a Russian Bride the situation is even more complicated due to the distance between each other. After unsuccessful experiences at dating sites many start looking into marriage agencies. In hopes of understanding what works best for meeting a Russian bride, we analyzed the operation of dating websites and marriage agencies, as well as compared them. The following are the key differences between dating websites and marriage agencies.


Dating sites and apps usually offer a service of meeting two people. While they can connect you with hundreds of Russian women ready for dating, they are also filled with scammers, spammers, and women looking for one-night stands. There is no guarantee that a Russian woman you contact is actually looking for a serious relationship and trying to find a husband. Dating websites also do not check women’s marital status, which may mean that some of the women are married.
In our dating agency, we personally meet with each Russian woman, and prove that they are single, and looking for a serious relationship. We also check the personal information of every Slavic girl at our agency and guarantee that they are looking for a husband and not just a fling.


As noted above dating sites do not check any of the parties, and sometimes personal information of men can be stolen by dishonest women and used against a man.

The marriage agency “Russian Beauty” works only with real and verified people who can provide all information about themselves. Our Russian single girls fill out questionnaires, provide proof about themselves, submit their pictures only after we meet with them face-to-face. This allows us to guarantee the protection of the personal information of our men.

Pool of Candidates

The Russian girls you are interested in - intelligent, beautiful, educated, well-mannered, with certain achievements in career or business, and focused on building a strong union - are usually not prepared to spend a lot of time on the dating sites because personal information of parties is not checked.. They value their time, and do not want to waste it on men who may have provided false information about themselves.  This limits the pool of quality brides on dating sites.
Russian brides of the agency work with us because they know that we check not only their personal information but also information of our bachelors. Our Russian women know that we value their time and introduce them only to high quality men ready for serious relationships. This allows us to create a pool of Russian girls with unique personal characteristics, education, good manners and a broad life perspective.


Some dating sites and apps sell personal information of people who sign up for the services. Unfortunately, this practice is very common, and can negatively affect users.
We guarantee confidentiality of our clients and that their data will not be made public or shared without personal request. We value our reputation, our long experience, the trust of foreign men and our Russian brides

Personal Approach

Dating sites are not focused on building strong and lasting relationships but on just acquainting people. When matching people sites do not analyze personal characteristics of a bachelor and Russian brides, their goals and expectations.
Our service automatically includes intuitive analysis of compatibility of potential partners, their identities, interests, lifestyles, etc. We know each client personally: his preferences and expectations, mentality, key characteristics of desired Russian bride. This allows us to match people with high psychological compatibility.  


Dating sites are mostly focused on virtual communication, and sometimes relationships developed online never turn into face-to-face communication.
We focus on live communication, not virtual one. Our Russian girls prefer face-to-face meetings, which allow both parties to get to know each other, and find out if there is chemistry between you.


There is no secret that finding a right person can be very time consuming. Dating apps and sites offer conversations with multiple women but since women’s information is not checked and your compatibility is not analyzed a lot of these conversations lead nowhere. As a result, you get experience of virtually talking to women without any serious outcomes.
On the other hand, when you meet Russian brides through a professional marriage you do not waste time on communication and meetings with unsuitable candidates. You save time and get to live your dream life sooner.


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