About me
Aleksandra Noskova

About me

Aleksandra Noskova

I have been working in the area of international marriage services since 2007. I have gathered the vast experience in creation the couples living today around the world.

I have been working in the sphere of international matrimonial service since 2007. Being experienced enough in the formation of married couples, living now all over the  world  I formed a great number of married unions living in Europe and in the USA, some of them approved my personal publication.
I have got an endless and invaluable experience in formation of relationships and  binding  of couples among the foreign men and the Russian women from Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. The permanent and professional organization of personal meetings and dates takes place in Saint- Petersburg  and  Moscow and beyond these territories.
I consult our potential clients about the services  by the email, work individually with each client willing to make an effort  in the search of a partner.

What could we offer you:
  • The  support  and  communication with our potential clients on the matters, which may be of any interest to the concerned  parties online and upon arrival  in our city personally, advise and assist in the fulfillment of all wishes and dreams.
  • Individual approach to work, support and communication with each client, who made a request in the search of a partner.
  • I carry out  lasting and successful work with the partners of international matrimonial agencies of Europe, situated in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg and the USA.
  • We communicate and deal with business correspondence in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian languages.
  •  We always have the possibility to reply immediately and to speak on the telephone at the time, appointed in advance.
  • We register personally each participant of an agency, willing to find a partner from another country, conduct an interview with an applicant, taking into consideration all the desires both from a part of a man and from a part of a woman.
  • I  provide assistance in the collection of documents for the reunion of a family and the departure of a fiancée to the foreign countries for the formation of a matrimonial alliance.

Dear visitors,

Don’t hesitate to change your life and discover something new, in case you are still alone and don’t have time for a search of a desirable partner via social network, if you want to save your time and expect a quick result you have an opportunity to write to me. Make an  attempt to find  your happiness in our agency in Saint-Petersburg, your destiny could be here , with one of girl  from our agency.

Yours faithfully,

Alexandra Noskova
Director of the International Marriage
Agency «Russian Beauty».
Saint-Petersburg, Russia.