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Karina 267
Date of birth 15 / july / 1978
Age 39
Height 176 cm
Weight 57 kg
Colour of eyes grey-blue
Colour of hair light fair
Marital status single
Children no
More info
Education university
Speciality administrator
Occupation marketolog
City Moscow
Language english
More info english (5)
Smoking no
Driving licence yes
Character attentive, kind, loving, responsible, romantic, generous, emotional
Hobby Cooking, Clothing Design, History, Music, Nature, Travel, Photo, Cinema, Exhibition
Partner desired
Age 35 — 49
Height, from 180
Smoking no
More info Family educated, Kind, Educated, Oriented on long-term relationship, resolute, Romantic
My friends would describe me as intelligent, creative, caring and romantic. I love living life and meeting interesting people. Whether it is a movie premiere, art exhibition or meeting with my friends at a café, social events are a perfect way for me to spend my free time. At home I enjoy listening to music as well as reading books while sipping a cup of green tea.