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Nastya 1452
Date of birth 14 / july / 1990
Age 28
Height 173 cm
Weight 50 kg
Colour of eyes grey-blue
Colour of hair blond
Marital status single
Children no
More info
Education university
Speciality economist- manager
Occupation visagiste (make up) .
City St.Petersburg
Language english
More info english (4/5)
Smoking no
Driving licence yes
Character joyous, initiative, responsible, romantic, hardworking
Hobby Active recreation, Aerobic, Countryside, Pets, Friends, Animals, Internet computer, Yoga, Music, Psychology, Travel, Climbing, Theaters
Partner desired
Age 32 — 45
Height, from 178
Smoking no
More info without bad habits, Family educated, Kind, Loving nature, Sympathetic
I discovering something new, learning new cultures, meeting new people. Healthy lifestyle, sport, activities, healthy food (eating and cooking), walking around a lot. Self-building, psychology , yoga, extreme activities. Concerts, musicals, cinema, theaters , nice restaurants and cafes, coffee places. Animals. Actually I am very curious about everything around and interested in nearly everything . Can be super different: one day completely lady in evening dress at the important meeting or opera, another day jumping with the parachute, after business looking, after jumping at the rock-concert. Feel confident and free in any place and look . Very active and curious. Have positive and nice character and learning to be better every day. I am passionate about life. I enjoy life, creating good atmosphere around me.